Hey guys, none of you will know me. But I need help. I’m a 12yo girl who loves basketball, soccer, dodgeball (Sport in general), Pokemon, anime, manga, video games, drawing, English, my friends and most of all food. I have two sides, my serious side and my side who doesn’t give a damn. In school I am the smartest in my class, is very serious about handing in assignments (My parents are Asian, so if I don’t get a good mark, bad news for me). My other side however, is wild, hyperactive, imaginatively evil girl, who just wants to play around.

People find it weird how I act because I have long hair (Always in a pony, unless some stupid occasion) wear glasses and am a usually polite girl. I get so tired of chivalry from other people (supposedly) thinking I can’t do stuff myself, like carry twenty kilos, do push-ups, take a ball to the face. When I play Futsal, I get hurt even just a little bit, the guys I play with (I am the only girl usually on court) always come up to me and ask if I am okay. When a guy gets hurt, they sook and cry, yet they don’t fuss over them. I findi am like a tank on court since I can’t wear my glasses, I just barge through every one.

I live in the tropics, so I wear tank tops and mini shorts a lot since it gets so hot, a lot guys take this the wrong way. I also love snapbacks, yet my mum has no fashion sense so I can’t go to her for advice. And most of my gal friends are girly girls, they pick out girly stuff *shudders*. And there is no way I am shopping with one of my many many guy friends. I also hate it when I have to go period shopping and bra shopping (Yes, I know many of you guys may think I am too young, but I am an early bloomer)

But my real reason for being here is one thing. Crushes. I found out recently that my rival (Let’s call him Brendan) had a crush on me in year five and still does, I hated him before but now it is even worse. One of my Futsal teammates (Let’s call him Jai) had a crush on me too. And one of my best friends (Call him Lukas) also has a crush on me, I had a sleepover at his house once too. I don’t know what to do. I had no idea that these guys had crushes on me because I am too dense when it comes to love. I have never really had a crush in a very long time (Five years) and I have no idea what to do. HELP PLEASE!!!

Sorry guys this is so long, I am just bored and excited for a party that I am hosting tomorrow! Yay!!! *Does a funny dance with a Mexican Sombrero*

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