Hi people, my name is Quyen (When) and I’m 16 year-old tomboy. I like to wear baggy clothes and boy shoes especially vans because it’s look awesome. I just want to live a good life and be who I am. I started to be a tomboy when I was 9 And I love being one. I usually sit with my legs open wide because it’s always a habit of mine, every time I sit down my legs would open as time goes by and people always stared at me for it. But I don’t care it’s a habit and I can’t help it. I love to wear boy clothes and I always go to my dad or my brother closet to look for clothes that I can wear and usually I would wear it to go to school. I’ve always wanted to get a haircut and I want my hair to be really short. I like to wear hats like beanie or SnapBack and some nice vans shoes. Man that would be awesome to have life what I want to be. The only problem I have is my mom, she’s always against what I want to wear and how I act. I keep telling her that I want a haircut, but she just diasgree and keep telling me that as a girl, you should have long hair and that’s the norm. I’ve always diasgree with her and we always argues with each other over that topic. I just want her to accept and be happy with who I am. I don’t expect much anything from her. I love my mom a lot and I just wish she can let me be who I am .  —— that’s it, bye people

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