Hey tomboys it feels so nice to tell things about me to the people who understand. I am 16 and a huge tomboy…. and i have been one since i can remember. when i was younger people usually used to confuse me with a boy. and i used to have to say no i m a girl all the time.  in my 6th grade i was the only girl in my class who used to play martial  arts and i used to have short cropped hair. I used to were trousers at school (special thanks to my Principal) but now at college i have to wear skirt urgh its so cant run u cant jump. But i still have very short hair nd style it in boyish way. and i am a feminist nd take no bullshit when someone makes a sexist remark. I love playing sports and exploring. And i have a best friend whom i adore and she is very much like me..but now she has gone to different college[which is absolutely horrible, they are not even allowed to use  cell phones more than half an hour in their hostels] and because of pressure of studies we do not communicate much and i miss her so much.I have made a few friends at college but they are not the same. and i forgot to mention i m a huge BOOKWORM too. I simply love reading…i can read day in and day out.I had a boyfriend too but he ditched me…saying that i was a tomboy.But he fucking knew very well that i was a tomboy since we were friends.I was very depressed for some months but i m alright now. I am a social activist an stand for equality  for all regardless of whatever{as long as they are human beings :] }.. and one thing i wan to tell all my fellow tomboys be who u are…dont change for anyone…and if you feel like you want to change someting about you ..let that be based on rational reasoning and not external pressure.Goodbye love you.

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