Hey,im melisa almost 13 and im a tomboy.i really dont like anything girly. The last time i remember playing with a doll was when i was three. I like skateboarding and love playing football. I DONT like dresses or skirts. Their so uncomfortable and i cant move in them. Sometimes me and my mom would fight of what to wear. Once she took away my jeans and shorts and told me to wear a baby blue dress, that looked like cotton candy. Literary, she came in my room and took all of it. Once she almost signed me into dancing class. I so dont do dancing. I didn’t have so much friends not that i cared. The girls respected me which was weird. I had fhis girl who got picked on but they would leave her alo.e when she was with me. And boys seemed to be intrigued with me they would always talk to me. I got along more with boy than girls. The girl would gossip and be boring. But i respect everyone. A matter my own business. Well thats it. Peace out. ✌

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