I’m Kyrklind Mangan. I am a 15 year old tomboy Freshman in high school. Over the years of Childhood I began as a girly girl. I wore a dress everyday as a  toddler and little kid. When I was eight, I loved wearing skirts. I wore them everyday and night. I loved being girly as I could. Soon I changed and I became    a big Tomboy. I began to become a Tomboy as I was Eleven I was barely playing with all of my Barbies. I really became a Tomboy at Twelve, I often stated it at School that I was a Tomboy. During Middle school, mostly last year as an eighth grader, I was really becoming a Tomboy. I read a lot of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, and really getting into them. After I read them all, I was getting into Vinyl Music, Hard Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal, the classics. Mostly AC/DC. I noticed I began dressing like a boy and AC/DC band members. As I entered High School I had a hard time fitting in and making Female Friends with similar interests as me. I even had a hard time fitting in groups only for Women. I went out for the girls golf team at my High School. I really fit in and was making friends. All my new friends accepted me for who I am. Even the seasons over we all love each other still and talk and hang out still. I made friends both Genders. Sometimes I feel like an Outcast. I feel that way. I have friends who make sure I’m not one at all. Also in the past, I was told to be a “Tomgirl” and like girly things I refused and told myself to put on a leather Jacket. And tell myself “I’m Beautiful”. It worked and I am happy to be a girly things hating Tomboy!.

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