This is my story. I’m in fourth grade and not many people know I’m starting to be a tomboy. My dad knows, and right now I dress like it and I play outside a lot and like getting dirty. I used to like wearing dresses, but they are so illogical. You get into a fight, and your underwear shows to everyone! Right now I’m wearing a sorta funny shirt and some checkered black and white pants. My hair is long so I wear it in a ponytail. I’m going to ask soon if I can get a shorter hairstyle. My problem is getting people to think I’m a tomboy. I’m straight, and everyone knows it so they don’t call me gay or whatever, though one of my friends is. I’m doing well in my grade and I’m writing this at school. Please comment if you have any tips. Soon I’m going clothes shopping, and will pick the right clothing. Today I’m going to ask if I can shop in the boy’s section. Most likely no, but then I can ask on my birthday. I like playing basketball, I set up a hoop and I’m using a ball. I also love cubism. I make abstract cubism. I know a tomboy, but I want to ask her for help. Help me! My parent’s accept me too.

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