Yo! Its josh .. well iam the kind of tomboy that love’s being with guys.  Playing,cracking  jokes.. having fun nd all tht. I was dressed up like a boy since I was a small  kid..from up to toe. And my  trouble making added for my most boyish looks..I was never a typical girl… I hate pink , yucky skirts,frocks  nd,al that crap.I always wanted a boy cut.. but my parents never allowed that.iam also a karate player.. and I really hate it wen th girls cry out loud for a silly skap on back (as though I hve ripped the entire flesh out of them.) wich my guy friends nevr do.. My humor and friendly nature towards my guy best friends(wich the girly girls never get)  made them talk bul***t about me.. that my hang out was more like flirting.iam quiet an artist.. I love sketching skulls.. tht made me a total weirdo in my class .. my t shirts,jeans,sneakers make my classmates call me a gay(though Iam not). I hate this.  my parents dont understand me..evry1 tells me that I was mistaken for a boy.  well ya maybe.  because I love being a boy.. I wish I was a actual one.  being girl sucks…  I want freedom.  I want freedom.. just freedom from this girly world. I wish I was a boy.I would fuking make the best use of it 😦

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