hey its jay, I’m 11 years old and i love reading,drawing,playing video games,football or soccer if you are american (despite the fact that i find it hard to breath when i run). i started being a tomboy when i was about *taps chin* 5 instead of looking at the girls section i started eyeing the boys section my mum didn’t notice so that kept up for 5 years. when i was 7 almost 8 i was in a bus that consisted of mostly boys they were all younger than me except for one they were like my brothers anyway i guess i went full tomboy when i started being friends with them unfortunately that was the time for puberty (or as i called it poobertee) so it was hard. my dad was really happy he showed me his favourite teams played some video games with me and to be honest we have more of a father-son relationship than a father-daughter relationship. my mom simply told me that as long as I’m happy she’ll be happy and she also told me that even if she can’t dress me up into cute little outfits she can do that to my sister. my sister is neutral about it she is currently 6 almost 7. the downside is i have no friends,the girls were like:my little pony! frozen! and i was like: Adventure time!Wreck it ralph! and the guys, they just think that i’m a wannabe so now I’m friendless *crawls into hole*. okay you might be wondering if i am still in the bus,actually yeah,i am but there is this new girl who is the opposite of me whom i feel might replace me and most of them left. anyways bye guys LURVE YOOOOOOO

One thought on “Jay

  1. Hi I’m Bella I’m a tomboy I know your thinking what Bella is a girl Anne when call me john or hunk. I never liked a dress I men’s I did wear makeup once (my mom made me!) I’m 13 years old I did have a crush on (blah balhj) put I found out that he liked a Snoopy girl and stupid! Like (blah balhj) is the evil girl she hates my butt I never had any fitness I did have a girl friend (blah balh) she understand and was different until she moved I was not sad buy was mad most of my is class is girl but its not to bad I don’t like dressed I wear on once it was comfy but not me I like to get dirty not pretty i think its stupid!!

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