Hey my name is Isabel, and I’m 13. I’ve always been considered a tomboy or a country girl basically my whole life. I have 2 real brothers, 3 cousins who I consider my brothers, as well as my best friend. I don’t really get along with many girls because of this but sometimes that’s a good thing. My personality is totally different other girls who aren’t considered a tomboy though. I love playing sports especially football, I ain’t afraid to get dirty or ruin my hair or nails like a girly girl would or anyone else would. Everyone considers me a a boy and never a girl so I feel even more out of place around girls… But my outfits are pretty laid back, I wear t-shirts(lots of t-shirts), flannels, big sweaters, jeans, sweat pants, shorts, and a lot of times a hoodie. I absolutely hate skirts so you’ll never see me in them unless they’re for school(I attend a private school, Uniforms…) The only dresses I wear are skater dresses and one really nice one for very special events. And one REALLY big thing is that I absolutely HATE pink, I hate it with the passion. You’ll never see me in pink at all. But my name is Isabel and there isn’t really guy versions of it I guess, so I was wondering if anyone knew what I could use cause my name is really girly and I hate it, people also call me Izzy which is still really girly and it’s annoying me…

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