I guess I’ve always been a tomboy. I mean, when I was small I liked girly things like My Little Pony and stuff, but it was only because my mom always told me that it was what little girls were SUPPOSED to like (and I, being four, took her word for it without question). My true self only came through when I started school, and noticed how different I was from all the other girls. I was unofficially the ‘weird girl’ of the class, which really affected my self confidence and still affects me to this day.
I didn’t really have any friends until I met this boy (let’s call him Andy) who introduced me to pokemon, and so began the best school years of my short little 7 year long life. My dad was perfectly fine with it, but my mother? Not so much. Even now she buys me girly dresses when I’m elsewhere and unable to stop her, and she’s always saying that my curly hair looks messy and that I need to straighten it and paint my nails. I love her so much, because she’s a very kind and loving person, but her constant battle to make me more feminine is damaging my self esteem.

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