Hey everyone, it’s Amanda again. Do you ever get the feeling that people don’t know your gender and that you’re female gendered and just like guyish hobbies in some way shape or form. And it makes you feel angry inside and that you feel physically, mentally, and socially sick? I have experienced that all the time. Each moment whenever a young teen that’s around my age and beyond mistakes me for a boy, I feel so angry. So angry that I begin to feel like Jeff the killer or ticci Toby (I like creepypastas). Meaning, that if someone around my age and beyond has EVER thought I was of the male gender rather than the female gender, I’LL BREAK THIER LEGS OFF AND STICK THEM ON THIER HEAD! Yes I watch full metal alchemist. If it’s authorities like doctors, moms, dads, parents of your friends, dentists, etc., then I just calm myself and convince them in a polite but angry sounding way. If it’s little children I don’t worry about it much because they haven’t started puberty yet and don’t know the things a person of the male gender would go through and what a person of the female gender would go through. I hope you guys can relate to this and some of your techniques on how to deal with this issue. Domo arigato and sayonara!

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