Hi my name is Amanda I am a tomboy and this is my life. When I was born I had to have lots of surgeries. While I was in the hospital my dad went to the store and bought me some clothes. Some of them had camouflage on it, others were Notre dame football. As I grew up and progress in life, I became more and more tomboyish to the point where I’m picky about my clothes. When I was five I had to have my major surgery so I had no choice but to cut my hair. Now, people could hardly tell wheather I’m a boy or a girl I told them that I am a girl, but they just kept asking me and it makes me mad in fact it makes me so MAD, THAT I COULD SAY THAT WORD BUT I DONT WANT TO BECAUSE ITS A JAPANESE CURSE WORD.Yes I’m learning how to speak Japanese maybe that would help me some day. I also love anime and I watch it every day bye for now and don’t do drugs

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