First i apologies my english is bad.. But i need to shout out my feeling and found this page.. Just to write my feeling because i cant stand it right now. I just transfered to a new place and have a staff which is 5 years younger than me. At this new place i have nothing just my job and im glade to know her. We live together as a roomate and start to know each other. We both a tomboy and she’s just broke up with her gf. She always talk about it when we in a room. Somehow, i realize that i already like her. Not as friend. It make me sad and angry with myself. Im not suppose to have that fucking feeling. But i couldn’t let it go. Wake up every weekday and see her beside me is the best feeling ever. Its a love that i never feel for a long time. She make my day. Im happy but so worry i cannot control myself with her. I love her. I can sure that.

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