Hello, my name is Krystal (my family calls me Krys for short). I’m 17 years old, a senior in Highschool. I guess I’ve always known I was a tomboy. It was no secret in grade school, I hung out with a majority of guys, played football and basketball with them at school. Then my parents got divorced, and my father got custody of me and my older brothers. And that’s when I became more aware of my tomboy side, I picked up on their habits, I was comfortable and I wasn’t inclined to be this girly girl, but at the same time I felt somewhat obligated to distinguish from them as well. I had my own room because I was a girl, and my brothers had to share because they were boys. That’s when I decided I would experiment and try to fit my gender, I got into straightening and curling my hair, picking more girly (well neutral girly clothes) I started wearing eyeliner (suggested by my brothers) Although I looked the part, psychologically I felt a 60/40. And then I got my period. And my dad felt like he couldn’t give me the “girl talk” as well as my mother, so he sent me away and of course I was unwilling, but that didn’t matter to him. So I entered highschool in a new location, I made some very good friends equally boys and girls.. I have a very nurturing, intelligent, and sweet side and a very tough, straight forward, charming side as well which I found very easy for both genders to get along with. So I am this girl who is very much straight, reserved with her feelings however much as a boy, I am underdeveloped in pyschical aspects but I love my body as is. Im happy with the gender I was given, but recently I started going back into old habits, wearing guy clothes because its more comfy. And im starting to question what defines me percisely. I would say Im a pretty girl but also have a guys charm and approach and for some reason I feel like I identify mentally as something rather than just psychologically female or male. Can someone please help with a term to describe exactly how I feel as an individual?

One thought on “Krystal

  1. Perhaps you’re nonbinary?
    It isn’t really an inbetween, it’s just being neither. You could also be genderqueer (I’m seen as a tomboy but I use all pronouns and stick with gq when people ask) or genderfluid.
    Do some research on these terms to see if they’re for you. I’d type the definitions but I’m pretty sure researching it would give you the correct meanings.

    “I’ve always wondered what “being a boy” and “being a girl” really meant…
    Until I realized that every person identifying as “boy” or “girl” redefines the signification of those words.”- Stephie from the Assigned Male webcomic

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