I have been a tomboy for as long as I could remember but only now that I’m in year 7 that I’m not shy to show it and I think I showed a bit too much. I have 4 boy bestfriends and I hang out with them ALOT in school like im always around them. Once I was in the classroom for homeroom and only the class monitor me and my bestfriend was there and we were tired cuz we played run and catchers before that. I leaned on my biy bestfriend who was sitting down then my boy classmates came in and they started shouting “ohhh girlfriend boyfriend! So sweet”  and another said “hey stop hanging around boys so much it’s not you are one” and I got pissed off and wanted to punch them but we have strict rules in our school to not hit people -.- basically…. How do I get them to accept me as one? I just want to get alone with everyone With no teasing of that sort because its just unnecessary…

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