What’s up? Im Kiki. Im 12 and a tomboy. I hate skirts and dresses and anything girly. I understand I have to keep my hair together…its just hygeine. Anyway my fave sport is basketball and I love to play Super Smash Bros. on my 3ds or Wii U. I love to climb trees and play in the dirt, but wearing boxers… thats honestly gross to me.
My problem is that my mom doesnt like me to be girly. She once forced me in a skirt to wear to school in the 7th grade. (Im going to the 8th this year. I turn 13 next year). Anyway i wish i had more freedom. I have a ton of guy friends and some girls. Most of them happen to actually be a tomboy like me.  Other than that i just wish my mom would understand Im a tomboy. Plz someone help me.

3 thoughts on “Kiki

  1. Tell her that you dont have to be girly to be a girl.
    Tell her you are a girl, not just “down there”, but in your head too.

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