So I’m twelve and I’m now in year 8 and I am a tomboy. My name is Elena (think its Greek) and I hate it because it’s so girly can’t think of any boyish versions of it. I’m really bad at sport but I love video games and HATE shopping! A lot of people know me as I have a medical condition which affects a lot of things meaning I’m not very strong and I’m very accident prone. My school has chemically poisoned me and I keep on passing out and I keep on having to be carried out of the room by teachers! I have a high IQ and am seen as a geek and weirdo and I love theatre and hockey and playing the ukulele. I have three close friends one is a guy but we have fallen out because when we are going anywhere he shouts disabled person coming through and I know he’s trying to protect me but I don’t need protecting. I may be physically weak but I’m not mentally! Please can you comment more boyish variations of the name Elena?

4 thoughts on “Elena

  1. For Elena?
    I’d go with El or (If you wanna go full dude like I do sometimes) Elliott.
    Elena can easily turn into Alan or Elen too,

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