Hey I live in Scotland and Almost all the boys in my year (S3 ) are such dicks like whenever I am the only girl playing football they don’t let me in goals even though I was a keeper for one of the best teams in Scotland and they don’t pass and they are so competitive. I used to hang around with two girls one I had know since primary and another I met in S1 but they stopped talking to me and I got bullied for a while by thier other friends which I really didn’t care about because I couldn’t care less what people think. The only problem was that because I was friends with them I didn’t really have any other friends. I was very lonely and often went to lunch my self and I was very anti social and shy. But as I went into S2 some boys who went to my primary and they asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with them and know I’m not shy or anything anymore and I go out with one of the boys who asked me to go to lunch with him. I still get a load of bull shit from the other boys in the year which is mostly just the popular douche bags. An expample of some of the rubbish I still get is I had to do a mock election in our modern class so I was doing the presentation and then All the boys start laughing at me a pointing  to my shoes and saying that they were boy shoes and I constantly get called a boy or a lesbian and wired because I hand out with boys. I’m not saying all boys are like that because the boys I hang out with a really nice and funny it’s just some of them really annoy me and it’s not just the boys it’s the girls aswell none of them talk to me because I don’t have long hair or I wear ‘boys’ clothes and because I’m different some times I fell it’s worse getting it from the girls and I feel like although I hang around with the boys I still have feelings and it does hurt when people call me gay and a boy just because I’m not the typical girl

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