I am 14 yrs old which is year/grade 10. I have been referred to as a tomboy by guy friends although I see myself as a half-tomboy. On most given days I wear jeans to shirt and a pair of trainers. I never wear hair down or wear dresses skirts ect because although I am straight I never felt the need to attract anyone I never wore my skirt really high at school because I was a bit of a feminist and believed that women should not waste their lives impressing men that wouldn’t care what TV show or video game you liked. I play soccer or football religiously every week and I am particularly sporty like most TBs (tomboys) out there šŸ˜‰. However I am particularly shy which by most people is seen as socially awkward. The problem with being a tomboy are society’s constant obsession with sex.Ā  Most of the jobs tomboys aspire to be such as engineer video game rising we programmer and NASA aerospace engineers are not except able as female jobs which means when we apply for the job we are turned down before our CVs have even been listed, we are there as proof that the company hiring up is not sexist when in actual fact it is the opposite. Women are portrayed as something to obtain be men and so we must impress them all of today’s society is based around your sexual orientation, from the adverts on TV promoting men has the elite sex and women as bears of children and nothing more, like I said something to “obtain” and then discard.

However I have found my peace with this unjust world through religion and have become less socially awkward due to my conversion. I continue to play sport and it through sports I have gained most of my confidence and met my bf.
So keep fighting for what you believe in because there are others out there who believe in the same thing. This is my spiritual home šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜‡

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