Hi my name is Amanda and I am a tomboy. When I was born my dad went out shopping and bought me Winnie the Pooh clothes and a camouflage outfit that said daddy’s little doe. When I was five I had surgery on my abdomen (yes I was born with a hole in my stomach and my organs on the outside but no worries I’m fine now) and I had no choice but to cut my hair short because I couldn’t take a shower or get my abdomen wet. When I was in kindergarten I made at least three close friends: two girls who have the same personality or equivalent as me Lydia and stephanie and one boy named Riz. As I progress in life, people kept asking me wheather I am a boy or a girl, and I kept telling them I’m a girl I’m a girl! When I was ten, I started dance lessons, but I also started puberty later on so I quit dance and went on to karate which is through my school because the dance costumes were too tight. People still ask me if I’m a boy or a girl and now, I am getting sick and tired of it! Boys and girls, men and women, believe me, i am a girl, I just have this thing called tomboyishness. I feel mad when ever people ask me that question. It makes me want to do stupid things like go to the top of the rock at New York with a microphone and shout out to the world, “I am a girl. I have a voice that sounds like j lo and NOT mick jagger ok?!?!” Or go to Walmart and when people ask the question, I go over the stuff that men go through during puberty and the stuff that women go through during puberty. I also started learning Japanese so that could be helpful. BAKA BAKA BAKA that’s how mad and irritated I am when people ask that QUESTION! Sorry for my escalating behavior peeps, this is just one of my pet peeves😒 anyways, I have mostly guys and girls who “suffer” the same or equivalent thing as i am going through. I go to a school where in my own class (I’m not sure about any other classes) 99% of the girls in my class are tomboys in some way, shape, or form. For example, my cousin Jill and I loooooove Kpop, which is Korean pop and the best thing about it is that it’s more pg, nr, or pg 13 music instead of rated r, ma, or unrated music like nicki minaj or Justin beiber or who ever Selena Gomez is. I also go to a church camp (yes I’m Christian ok people’s) and this year for example, all the girls in my cabin room had the same equivalent preferences as I do in some way shape or form. I must be finishing up my story now, I also like anime.

Recently, I went to Walmart with my mom and she got me a basketball she’s cool. My mom and I went to the fruit section and I said to my mom I want to try some mangoes. Well there was this lady near us and she was all like, “oh, he’s going try some mangoes?” HE, HE? I AM A SHE! I told her. She apologized for her confusion and then she described what mangoes taste like and that I would love it! Grrrr this annoys me when someone thinks I’m a boy when I’m a girl😡 I just feel so mad and so angry when this happens! No worries bros, I quickly forgive people. I love naruto do any of you guys like naruto? Bye and don’t do drugs

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