Yo! My names Savannah (occasionally people call me savy or shortie) I’m in 6th grade and mostly hang out w/ dudes. TBH tho my mom doesn’t allow me to wear Tomboy clothes (yea I know crazy right?) She says that I might end up being “gay” if i do. But I do like playing video games Xbox skateboarding ect. A lot of girls call me gay (which I really don’t care becuz I don’t hang out w/ girls.) most boys say I’m fun to hang out w/ and I enjoy coming over to their house to hang out. Anyways this is my tomboy story (yea ino is not long) and cya later!

One thought on “Savannah

  1. Tell your mom that sexuality has nothing to do with gender expression or the way you dress. Some lesbians are the most feminine people ever and some gay men are the exact opposite.
    That should help 🙂

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