Hey guys my name is Rosalee yess I am a tomboy
I’ve read some of your story’s and these things happen to me all the time im only 12 but I’ve been to 13 different schools and at my school we wear what we what so I wear baggy boyish clothes since i’m not at my school for a long time I’ve never actually had a real friend the longest I’ve stayed at a school is 2 terms I was home school for like 2 years and so I get bullied severely the police had to come in at one point they were bashing me for who I am I mean how could they like I never did anything to them
anyway I think you guys are treating these well good job
yesss I hate school just say I move because of bullies
I made a great friend 3 years ago were still friends im going to high school soon I hope that’s better then middle school
anyway bye guys

One thought on “Rosalee

  1. Hi ‘Lee (can I call you Lee? It sounds cool)
    Try going to a High School where people are more accepting and less… mean. Take some self defence lessons too.
    Don’t you get to look around the school before you go there? Because talking to a couple people and introducing yourself before you join is a good idea.
    Try making friends outside of school and then find out what school they go to and think about going there.
    I wish I was there to bash their faces in.
    Good luck Lee 🙂

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