I’m 12, going to be 13 in April, and I’m a girl in seventh grade. When I was younger, I have never liked dolls, but I was still quite the girly-girl. I would wear pink and skirts, though wearing dresses was only for formal events. A year ago, when I was in sixth grade, I completely changed. I was a half-tomboy. I hated bugs and I sucked at sports, but I had a tomboy personality and dressed slightly tomboyish.

I changed dramatically when I went into middle school and I changed even more when I started seventh grade. I started questioning my sexual orientation, I wanted to dress androgynously, and I wanted to actually have something to do with sports (ice hockey, snowboarding, golf). I currently have short hair, but it isn’t really a boy’s haircut, which I want it to be.

About a year ago, I was going to my best friend’s uncle’s house that had a pool so we could go swimming. My mom and I went to find me a bikini, and I honestly acted like a completely brat because I didn’t want to swim in what is really underwear. I want long board shorts and a swim shirt.

I have horrible social anxiety so I don’t have the confidence to tell my mother who I really want to be. Is there any way to tell my mother?

One thought on “KGM

  1. Write her a letter.
    Or,before you go to school, ask your mom to order your swimwear and stuff online and add a pair of trunks and a rash guard in the basket.
    That way, by the time you get home your mom has had a long think about it and will probably let you.
    Good luck, dude 🙂

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