Hi all. I’m a 41 year old mum of two boys, 10 & 12. I have been a tomboy pretty much all my life. On a few occasions, I have tried the girly lifestyle; primarily to try to fit in. Never worked. I am only just now embracing my tomboyedness.

I started an apprenticeship as a truck mechanic two months ago and I adore my job. I do body building and I love being strong. I have my hair short and I rarely wear make up. I am happiest in shorts, tank top and runners. I intend to build my sons’ cars for when they turn 18. And my happiest days are wrestling with my boys and telling fart jokes.

You are all so young. My advice is to be true to yourself. I was always too afraid and I have lost opportunities due to my fears. People will love you or hate you, no matter what, so be you, enjoy being you and know you have a place for you on the planet!

I am content being me. Others don’t like me, understand me, relate to me and it can get lonely. At least I am now my best friend and my boys adore me. I also have a couple of friends who would not change me.

Stand tall in who you are. I bet you are all amazing young women and there are plenty of facebook pages devoted to mighty women, smart girls and people like us.

One thought on “Kate

  1. Hey Kate 🙂
    You’re awesome!
    Not only are you teaching kids like me that it’s okay to be different, but you’re teaching your kids (who I’m sure are just as awesome as you) that stereotypes SUCK.
    Oh and please teach us some fart jokes, I love me some good fart jokes XD

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