I’ve always been a tomboy. Since I learned how talk I’ve been trying to reject dresses. My mum didn’t like it and nor did my dad in a way. Although it was partially his fault I ended up like this because my dad is always saying how he wants a third child and a boy. At home no one relies on me and gives me a fake image. At school in primary girls HAD to wear skirts. So I always violated the uniform and wore shorts underneath and wore tights below with my high tops. Everyone treated me like a boy except teachers. I couldn’t when I joined because I was seen automatically as weak and petty being a girl. So I had to show them that I could play and that worked and everyone finally gave in and treated me like one of the guys. I hung out with boys a lot but I was friends with girls too. Even some girly-girls but they just annoyed me. My best guy-friend treated me like a MAN. He would kick me and punch me full force with no restraint and that made me feel happy. Then, near the end of primary I grew feelings but I ignored them and still acted all giddy with him. It happened again in secondary. The uniform was weird but shorts were allowed. Boys would always test me to see if I was who I showed myslef as. It was such a bother. I hung out with weird people. None were like me but it was fun. And when I found a crush…It was only because of his ability in sports. Found out he was just a rival. I’m barely seen as a girl and often get mistaken but I don’t mind. I’m not sure why there are stories about people not wanting to be tomboys because its ‘lame’. I’m happy with it. I find it better being in the middle of boys and girls instead of being judged on your gender. That applies to ‘Tomgirls’ too.

One thought on “Jennifer

  1. People always mistake me for a boy. It makes me feel physically, mentally, and socially sick and I just want to be accepted as a girl that just naturally likes hobbies that typically boys like. Yes I like hello kitty and mlp but I mostly watch animes like full metal alchemist, naruto, ouran highschool host club, and noragami. Thank you for listening to my post

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