I’m 13, a tomboy but I go to and all girls school. Sure, it’s not all bad but it wasn’t even my first choice of school. You have to wear a skirt but I’m used to that now however school is the only place I actually wear one. Constantly being told to tuck in my shirt and roll down my blazer sleeves, joy! At home and out side of school I wear jeans and tshirts. I have average length hair which I kind of want to get cut short but I don’t have the guts even though my family knows I’m a tomboy. I’m ok with being a girl but I want to act, dress and live like a boy. I love video games and one of my closest friends Is a boy. Does anyone know any easy ways to ask parents for a pixie cut? I also want to change my style a bit and I think a hair cut would help that. Thanks and I really love reading all your stories too!

3 thoughts on “Izzy

  1. When I wanted it cut, I just went to a unisex barbers and got it cut to the style (with my parent’s permission).
    The best thing to do is ask them if you can have a hair cut, show them a bunch of styles you like and then go to a unisex barber because barber dudes can cut hair for tomboys WAY better. Trust me, the very first time I got my hair cut shorter I went to a hairdresser because my sister wanted to get it cut too.
    She cut it the girly way. I have really curly hair and it looked like I walked off the set of Grease.
    If you do get a pixie instead of the short-back-and-sides look that most tomboys I know have, get a fringe and style it in to a quiff (but not straight up, go either left or right.)
    Going on this site reminded me about how I should probably post my story too.
    Good luck, Izzy! By the way, if you ever wanna trick people into thinking you’re a guy, (especially strangers because it’s hilarious XD) say your name is Issac. It just fits really well.

    • Thanks a lot A. I asked my mum if I could cut my hair- she said no. -_- I tried persuading her she says I have to wait till I’m 16 (better than nothing) but said she would rather I spray my hair pink. So tommorow I’m going to the shop with my friend to buy temporary pink hair spray! If you haven’t gathered already I’m quite stubborn XD

    • Youre probably never gonna see this but im just sitting at my pc and i see this website come up, then i remember i posted on it a year ago. I came out as transgender male a few months ago now and everything is getting better. I chose the name Isaac because i remembered it was suggested here (slightly different spelling tho haha). So I just wanna say thanks, you helped me alot actually. 🙂

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