Sup, my names ixion <— weird name right? Im in 6th grade. I never used to be a tomboy, in second grade I would always wear pink and always loved to wear dresses but when I hit 3rd grade, that all began to change. My mom had bought me a whole bunch of girly clothes and I never wore 'em. Since I've been in 3rd grade I've mostly been playing video games n' stuff. But what really sux is that lots of girls have been making fun of me 'cause I'm a tomboy. They write stuff on my locker like "gay lezbo b*tch" ect. I need advice on this. People tell me just to ignore them but that never works it just gets worse. Any suggestions? Alright cya guys whenever

One thought on “Ixion

  1. We’re tomboys. We’re strong, awesome and we’re best friends with people who see us as super cool.
    We’re girls, right? So we can beat the sh*t outta them if they bully us.
    Give them a taste of their own medicine(is that spelt right? Idk) and write stuff on their lockers. They’re taking it out on you because they’re jealous.
    Try describing them honestly on their lockers. On some girls I wrote “clown, plastic, all around FAKE” because she was racist and also hated anyone who wasn’t “normal”.
    Best thing is, she told a teacher about it. That would’ve sucked if it wasn’t a teacher I’m real good friends with because I joined her human rights club and did a whole speech on equality for ALL genders, even the non binary ones. That girl got in trouble instead XD
    If she still does it, screw her. If you stop seeing sexuality as an insult, she’ll have nothing to insult you with.
    And by calling you a female degrading name, she’s insulting herself!
    Good luck 🙂

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