Okay I need some advice PLEASE
I’m a tomboy who wears a headscarf ok, and i hate it, it makes me seem girly, but i dont know how to tell my mom it’s not for me, also people made this big party for me cause i wear it and everybody’s proud of me, but i dont want it, you cant play football, and a bunch of other stuff its lame
how do i convince my mom I don’t want to wear the headscarf…

2 thoughts on “Dash

  1. Just tell her you dont want to and tell her proper reasons like sports, or other things
    If she’s upset about it, you can find some sort of medium by wearing something feminine.
    For example, when I got my passport picture done yesterday I wore my binder (a thing that flattens your chest) and had my hair cut the guys way. My mother didn’t want people to question this at the airport (I’m half African and we go to Ghana which is supposedly anti-lgbt and they’d probably think I’m trans) so she forced me to put earrings in.
    I wasn’t okay with it because she chose shiny blue stud ones that my sister got for her birthday and they were really girly but it was either wear the earrings or wear a pink headband.
    Good luck 🙂

  2. I don’t think head scarf stops u from doing sports I am a practising Muslim and a tomboy , I always wear my head scarf and I love it but that doesn’t stop me from playing soccer and hockey (my fav games ^.^ )

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