Hey! My name’s Courteney. I’ve always been a tomboy, for as long as I can remember. I’m 13 now, but until I was 10, I was sometimes forced to wear girls’ clothes. I have long ginger hair. I beg for it cut short, so I can look like an actual boy. In high school, I am not popular. Girls don’t like me because I’m not girly, guys like me a bit more but not much because I am still female. Also I am lesbian. I try really hard to make friends with people but I’m not gonna change myself.

3 thoughts on “Courteney

  1. If you want your hair short, get it done gradually. Like, have it shoulder length first and then get a guys cut after.
    Purposely getting gum in your hair can help speed up the process.
    Are you sure there aren’t any other tomboys or lgbt people to talk to in your school? Try hanging out with other people who are seen as “different”, even if it means going to people older or younger than you.

  2. Hey I’m cecy. Stay true to yourself. Do what you want to do. I mean it’s your life, right? People who don’t like you cause you act like a dude… Who gives a poop!!!

  3. Sup, I’m Cecy. Yeah I am a tomboy and I’m proud. Everyone always asks me… Are you a boy or a girl? And that makes me feel so uncomfortable. Why do people ask that? Anyway, I’m 12 and going into the 6 grade. I wear basketball shorts T- shirts and tank tops, Nike elite socks and tennis shoes or skating shoes. I like to go outside and play with my friends (Luke, Evan, Tommy) We play football baseball wallball and sometimes we mix sports or make our own games. We go fishing we ride skateboards we went camping in the woods by our neighborhood. So as you see I am pretty much one of the guys. And I play lacrosse on the cavaliers… I play for the lady cavaliers and the men’s cavaliers.

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