first things first my name isn’t catwoman. im only using this name cause catwoman is my favourite female batman character. where do i begin the other day i was out at asda with my granda to get school trousers for me and there was only boys trousers left but we got them anyway and OMG my mum was so angry because she thinks that i should wear girls clothes just like everyone else. and to that i says NOOOOOO! its my body and i’ll wear whatever clothes i feel like male or female. if you are a tomboy that feels like no one is the same as you at school . at your school there could be someone you have never talked to before trust me talking to them could be one of your lifes best moments. i talked to someone who was bullied because she was aparently fat and after that we became best friends. we are now leaving for high school and me and wolf ( thats her nickname) are still the best of friends .being together we helped each other fight back the bullys . thank you for reading my story.

p-s me and wolf are not lesbians but there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian its your choice and i respect that. šŸ™‚

One thought on “Catwoman

  1. I get the whole trouser thing. My mum bought them because I tricked her and she flipped out so much!
    Good luck in high school, hope you didn’t choose one with gendered uniforms though. I’ve got a friend who did that and instantly regretted it.

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