Sup, all Toms! I’m Bryon (Male version of my name) and only two of my best friends call me that. I am 13 as of the 22nd of Jan. and like all of you…. I am a Tomboy. I have never really been bullied for it other than by my own mother, who calls me ‘dyke’ (Dunno what that means, and I sure as hell don’t care) and some girls who called me a lesbian. I’m sure by now that I’m bisexual, although I didn’t know it at the time and so I took it harshly. I have a few gym clothes meant for males, but other than that, I’m not really allowed to express myself. My best buds include a lesbian (I have nothing against anyone viewed by society as ‘different’- all the more reason to be friends with them!) several guys who treat me like one of their own, and a couple of girly girls. My parents don’t entirely agree with me, and my brothers aren’t very supportive either, and neither is my girly girl twin sister. I do have a pixie cut but my mother gets pissed off when I style it like guy’s…. Gamewise, football, CoD, Titanfall (Blisk and that accent xD), Dying Light, Mine craft, and the list could grow. I despise dresses, makeup, everything feminine about my body, and judgmental, fluffy girls. I listen to Vertical Horizon, Imagine Dragons, AC/DC and lots more, and I love rolling around in the mud.
Sorry for the length, bros!
Bryon out 😉

One thought on “Breanna

  1. Yo, Bryon!
    I’m here to explain some stuff and to help you out 🙂
    First of all, dyke is just seen as a rude way to say lesbian. But some lesbians use that insult as a way to identify.
    Also, you can really be against anyone who isnt the “norm” because ,as you said, you’re bi.
    I’m Ace, which means Asexual. Or at least I think I am.
    Tell your mom that sexuality isnt and shouldn’t be defined by gender expression or clothes you wear (the way you look or dress doesn’t affect who you like).
    I understand the whole sibling thing. Mine don’t really get me too.
    The best thing to tell them is that they kinda have another brother to hang out with and that your sister is now well protected and that you’ll beat up any sh*thead who hurts her. (I’ve done that for my 17 year old sis. Jeez, her ex was weak as hell)
    By the way, you’re 20 days younger than me!
    Good luck with getting your family to understand!

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