My name is Audrey and I honestly don’t know if I consider myself fully as a tomboy. What I mean is that I act like a boy prior to what stuff I am into. For example, I ALWAYS wear t-shirts and SELDOM wear sleeveless shirts, including short shorts, skirts, and dresses. Well, I do wear skirts only in school because basically it’s required. Also, I am an ultimate geek mainly because I am very obsessed with video games. Nevertheless, I am pretty close to being an anti-social or introvert. The reason why is because in my school, there is more girls in my batch while most of the girls there are gaga over girly-girl stuff which makes them trendsetters. Er- you get the picture. I am far more different than every one of those girls. I have a bestfriend who is a girly-girl and I don’t really mind to be proficiently honest. I wanted to wear those clichĂ© frilly dresses at some point in my life whenever I feel isolated with my situation. I don’t really know what I am supposed to feel because I know some people get unnerved with me just because I am different with my style, hobbies, likes, etc. But then, I am NOT attracted with girls. That’s because I am inevitably attracted with guys even at my situation. I fangirl over guy celebrities and sometimes, I crush on some reachable people in my case. I am thankful for being a girl but I don’t really know if people accept me for who I am. I know I act like a boy most of the time but that doesn’t mean that that reason is an excuse for people to push me away from their lane and build a wall between me and the society. What is with the society anyway? I just want to be me and be accepted for who I am and not be isolated.

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