Um so… It’s difficult to explain. I am a tomboy, but the thing is that when I was little I played video games like mad, excelled in tennis, went crazy for football (soccer for all the Americans out there), was loud and curious and never saw how this made me any different from the other girls. Never. I could talk about football as much as I wanted.
I go to a school where everyone knows me as ‘different’ and ‘awkward’. It may be in a good way, but I don’t see how that’s nice. I am limited because I’m a girl and all I can do is watch.

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  1. Well before I read these comments I thought I was a normal tomboy but now I guess not 😉 (m a little girly tomboy 😛 if that is a thing)
    Well my story goes like this , well I was not a big tomboy when I as little I was like 50/50 I was friend with guys and girls both ,loved games and didn’t hate shopping but when I was like 7 year old my family moved to another city it was much different from previous one but after sometime i adapted to the changes (now i call that place my hometown even thou I wasn’t born there)
    The thing was my new school was all girl so I don’t have any guy friends anymore ,and there was uniform there, and it was girl’s clothing, so I didn’t get to show my inner tomboy there , but I always played football (not the American one) and hockey. I have 4 bestfriends one of them is a tomboy two r in the mid one is kind of girly girl . I knew I wasn’t like other girls but I didn’t thought of being a tomboy until my cousins and friends started calling me one.
    The problem is our society’s thinking where I live girls can’t wear guys cloths and my parents aren’t very strict but when it comes to going outside they r strict they want me to wear girls clothes , my mom says I can wear whatever I want in the house but outside I have to wear girls clothes ,I’m really glad my mom doesn’t tell me to use make up , but my like my hair since it is dark black straight and long so she doesn’t allow me to cut it short
    The only thing I don’t like about her is that she doesn’t allow me to buy a bicycle , I got my national exam’s result last week and she gave me money as a gift (I asked for it coz if I didn’t she would have given a girly gift) and I want to buy a bicycle since the last one I had was when I was 12 now I’m gonna turn 17 , but she says u can’t :,( , and she won’t even let me buy dumbbell XO

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