Hi, I’m a tomboy. I have short hair and wear boys clothes. I’m also pretty flat chested which I’m thankful for! People think I’m a boy, like everywhere I go but I don’t really mind that. When they find out I’m actually a girl, they apologise and feel so guilty like they’ve offended me (which is annoying) but I’m not offended. In fact, to me it’s kinda a compliment because I’m achieving the look I’m going for. I’ve recently started a drama club and everybody there thinks I’m a guy. I’ve just been accepting it as I always do and what has worked for many years, just pretend you are a boy (it helps cus my name is unisex). But if we do shows and things we’ll have to get changed which will be very awkward (I said I’m pretty flat chested, not completely). It’s really hard for me to say “guys, I’m actually a girl” especially because I want to hang out with more guys so they become friends with me quicker if they think I’m also a guy. I feel like I don’t fit in at school so I hang around with some not-so-girly girls but tey still gossip about boys and talk about make up which is torture!! I try to forget about my gender sometimes but I know I can’t. I need someone to help me be able to have the courage to say who I am and not be afraid of not making friends because I’m ‘different’.
I hope that people can relate to my story I can reassure others that you’re not alone 🙂 #tomboysarethecoolgirls

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