I’ve always been weird starting with my name. I wanted to be normal for the longest but I could never fit in. I had really long hair but I cut it all the way down like a boy bought a skateboard and started hanging with boys by the time I was in 7th grade. Everyone thought I was lesbian…………there’s only one person I would go gay for and that’s Iggy Azalea, but can you blame me? Other than that I’m 100% straight……..well 99.99999% but that’s not the point the point is that I’m not gay except that 0.000001% of me. But I’m mostly straight. My parents are real strict on what I wear so I don’t dress like a tomboy I dress more like a hipster girl…. But for some reason the girls at my school are ghetto as hell and not worth looking at. I have girls who are friends but they aren’t as easy to talk to as boys are and all they do is gossip. But my guy friends do treat me differently because I’m a girl. But I surprise them when I punch them. But I think dudes are sexy and girls are alright I guess but not in a love kind of way. And I’m pretty sure im not bi. And I really don’t know why they ask me if I’m lesbian when the most girly girls at school are dating each other. Then again I go to school with idiots

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