Hi my name is Grace and I am a tomboy. A few months ago all the boys started having a crush on this ONE spesific girl and then suddenly all the girls in my class started having fights about who so a girlygirl and who was a tomboy and then i got really upset. So one day a girls girl in my oppisite class sent me a text saying I dont know how to be a tomboy ( I mean I as the other girl)then she asked me to teach her and then second thing was she said I was a mega girl girl and I do really love my hoodies and playing on me brothers XBOX and other games like pac man and I have lots of friends that are boys so I seriously dont know what she is talking about …A few months later the same girl changed from fake tomboy ( To impress the boys) to a girly girl so thats what I dont really like about tgirly girls…Bye bye.!!

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