Hey there. I am about 12 yrs old. I hate stupid skirts but I am pretty sure that I’ll have to wear one next year- I go to an international school and I have to wear a uniform. In primary, you wear a skirt pants thingy while in secondary, you have to wear a stupid skirt. I was girly when I was little but I realised that I hate wearing skirts so I did unless my mom forces me to. I don’t really play with the boys because they think that girls are weak and etcetera so I hang out with a couple of girls that are pretty much a tomboy but one is kinda girly. The boys think that I am weird because  I hate things that the girly girls like but that’s OK because I am pretty much introverted. I wear my bro’s clothes when I can since I really like baggy t shirts. I really hate it when my mom forces me to walk like a girl instead of a boy and sit like a girl instead of a boy.

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