Hey thiz is me Sam.I am 19 years old.I am in my first year in college.I am a tomboy.I wear mixed clothing, I buy some of my clothes from boys section and some from girls section.Actually from inside I feel that I am a boy but unfortunately I am a girl anatomically.I dont want to go for surgery & all because I am quite ok with my condition.I am extremely shy and I have only 2 friends.One is girl and another is guy.I dont know why I feel shy to talk to girls.But with guys I feel a bit comfortable in case of talking.I want my friends to treat me as a guy but they do not do that unfortunately.Girls of my class are not comfortable to talk to me cause they think that i am weird.Boys of my class treat me as a girl all the time which feels weird to me.I feel awkward when people stare at me when I walk through the streets.Some pass comments,”Are you a boy or a girl?” I just hate this.Thats why I feel lonely.I sometimes act a bit girly.This is my negative point I know.Iassert my gender to be in between male and female.You can get both the flavours in me.I actually want some tomboy friends which seems impossible at this point of time.My friend Kheyalee understands me to some extent which is a good thing.But I get only a little time to talk to her maybe 2 days in a months or not even that.I am a good student And I work hard to get the first place in class.My mom is my friend but I cannot share this things with her.So I want a friend who may be a guy or a girl who will understand me for who I am and to whom I can share my feelings with.Please let Me know if anyone wanna be my friend..

3 thoughts on “Sam

  1. Lets be friends yeah. I think we in the same shoes.I am also almost 19 and my only best friend just told me she can’t be my friend any longer. Email me and lets get to know each other.

  2. Hello– As an 18 year old Tomboy I feel a bit like you I believe, I feel like a boy by nature and mentality a lot of the times, I feel more suited in boys clothes as well considering my face is naturally very young boyish looking and my voice often is said to resemble that as well but then I feel embarrassed to be mistaken for a boy even though its what I want…I’m so contradictory. I also feel you on the wanting to be friends with other tomboys, I’ll see them in stores or in school and I find them just so adorable and they look so at ease with themselves and each other and I think, if I become friends with them could I feel like that too? Look as cool and adorable as them too? If I just had a friend to share this with could I be as confident?

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