hey im 13 yrs old girl i think now i consider myself as a tomboy sense everyone tells me im a tomboy…to tell u the truth at first i used to get a fended but now its like meh. when i was growing up i was like any normal little girl playing with dolls dressing up but then i started growing up and got into skate boarding and comics. i would sometimes still some of my brothers comic books and action figures and play and dream about being a super hero so i started getting into drawing which led me to making my own comics, I also LOVE LOVE skating, i cant stand not to skate like i have to skate at least 3 times a day i guess skate boarding is my dream. not to be mean or anything but i dont really get along with other girls….there just to annoying i also do NOT like the color pink its just to blahh. people started telling me that i acted a little bit of tomboy in the 7th grade i would get bullied for it. then i got tired and started to beat my own bullies up and the way i would sit….i guess. i would dress like my brothers and act like them cause i would always fill left out. i always hated when people would say i looked like a boy when i would cut my hair short i would actually sometimes cry…i fill like im boy stuck in a girls body sometimes but then again i like boys im so confused.

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