My name is ‘Quayla, and I am a tomboy. When I was in kindergarten, I told my Mom I was only going to wear dresses and pink. Oh, how the time has changed! I HATE dresses, skirts, AND shorts! I REALLY don’t like showing my thighs or legs. I guess my Mom is cool with my style, but she always brings up what I said in kindergarten & always talks about how she’s going to force me to wear dresses in the future. I’ll only wear dresses for weddings, funerals, and graduations. Otherwise, NO. Pink is the LEAST color I wear. My favorite color is turquoise, and my favorite brand is Southpole. My Dad LOVES the fact that I am a tomboy- Probably because the thought of me being with a boy is scary! In school, I never felt comparable to girls. Most were girly, so no one could really relate to me. I did have a group friends. and they weren’t 100% girly, which made them seem SO down to earth!
I ALWAYS wear layers and top off my outfits with a jacket (I REALLY want a leather one!!!) Basketball is my FAVORITE sport, and literally the only sport I play. However I like watching football (Ohio State Buckeyes & Green Bay Packers!!! :D) Not a make-up person, but I DO wear lip gloss. I am a female rapper, though I also write pop songs, R&B, and gospel. I also play piano (keyboard). When I grow up, I want to be a Professional Creative Writer, because I also write poems and other types of genres. I may be writing a fan fiction story of a couple on my FAVE show right now, Degrassi!
In conclusion, I’m not here to impress people. If I wear something, it’s because not only is it comfortable, but it looks good to ME. I used to get picked on & school and had a low self-esteem, but after moving to Ohio, I became the most confident person EVER! I always tell the truth, and I keep everything real. Being a tomboy is the greatest thing ever! Tomboys are literally the most chillest people you could ever have as a friend. I guess the only thing commonly hard about it is finding other people that are equally tomboyish.
Don’t change your style for anybody. You’re a TOMBOY – Accept it.

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