Nazneen here, I’m fifteen years of age and a so called ‘Tomboy’ since day one.
I love it. Those around me, not so much.

Scrolling and Reading these posts and got me thinking.
why all these labels.
Cant we just call ourselves unique.

We are after all.

‘Be like a diamond, precious and rare, not a like a stone found everywhere’

Thats the motto, yolo.

Next time your mums argue, because you wore jeans to a wedding or wore sneakers and flatcaps..

Its a way of expression, this tomboy thing.
If you feel happier in sneakers, then girl, I’ll buy you an all stars factory for your birthday.
I believe i’m human. not some tomboy who will always be too fat to fit in or too boyish to hang with the populars.

Life’s a game.
And we boyish ones, know how to play a good game like sport.

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