Hey everyone my name is Lyd, I’m 18, and I am a tomboy. I am writing this post as an encouragement to my fellow STRAIGHT tomboys. I have always been a tomboy and for the most part I have been accepted. Sometimes my mom, who is a girly girl, will try to encourage me to stray away from clothing that is mostly for guys, like snap backs, but I just tell her not to try and change who I am. I think the reason she does this is because she doesn’t want people to think I am gay… because I’m not gay.
People need to understand that just because you are a tomboy and you don’t dress and act girly DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A LESBIAN. So often girls young and old get stereotyped as lesbians because of the way the act and dress but they know they are straight but for some reason people just don’t understand that.
Know that it is normal and okay to be a tomboy AND be straight. πŸ™‚
Much Love,

4 thoughts on “Lyd

  1. THIS.This is what I wish everyone said, including my family. I’ve been called a tranny, lesbo and even a hermaphrodite. Some people have no brain. Besides, I only line up in the boy’s lunch que because it’s shorter and I get strange looks when I’m in the girls. Half of the school think my name is Adriel/Derek/Joe/Jeff.

  2. True that!!! \m/ not many understand this πŸ™‚ I’m a Tomboy and I’m straight..simple as that

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