Hi my name is faith but i am as country and tomboy as they come or so i like to think. At school we get to sit were ever we want and one day when i was in school the girls were alway picking on me so the boys offered me a set, of cores i sat down and turns out we all became best friends. The boys like me because i am “attractive”. The girls say that i am one just for attention but i don’t i do it because its who i am. I love the nature in fact when i was 3 i learned how to shoot a gun. I have cattle and horses. The only girl in my whole inter school that is a farmer. And so the boys love me, they say faith you know your the only girl that can shoot a gun like a man, mud like one too, throw a football like a football player, and put up a fight, also that will never back down

Although i am a tomboy every one has a little bit of girly in them. So mine is that when i was 3 i was in pageants won all of them. And now that I’m in 6th grade. I have trend into a little bit more girly, but i am still tomboy at heart. So thanks for reading my tomboy story.
Fellow tomboy country girl,

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