Hey, I’m chloe, and I’m a tomboy also, or at least think I am. Is it werid for me to be called Cole or something? I mean, I get bullied alot because of it. I really want to be a boy, and not because of periods and stuff, but because I’m not comfortable being a female. I’m 14 and act tuff and all that but, ever since my mom passed away march, I felt sad and even more lIke a boy. She was okay with me we wearing boy underwear and binding my chest, but now I can’t even have my hair short because my dad says its disrespectful, is that true, plese help…

One thought on “Chloe

  1. I feel so bad for you, I know how terrible it is when people just don’t understand. Just a question, what were you binding with? I hope not bandages. There are many organisations that give out binder tank tops and your dad will never know. Reply to this and I will give you links and my email. You can get them sent to a friend who will send them to you. I thought I was the only one. Us tomboys should stick together because in the end only we know what it’s like.

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