I’m 15 years old and trying to get through high school. I guess I have always been boyish in a sense. I love videogames, I love messing around with people and I enjoy being the man of the group. Every single one of my friends thought I was asexual at one point and some people confuse me for a guy but I don’t mind. My mom doesn’t really care she says I’m comfortable so it’s alright. Also I get anxious easily especially around my crush. I guess I like any color. I have tried to get in touch with my feminine side but it doesn’t work. I’m very self-conscious and shy at times. I suck at team sports I’m better at martial arts. My brothers both treat me like a guy so I’m used to dealing with others on my own. My best friend is a metal head but thanks to her my music style varies. And that’s all I can think of.

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