I dont want to use my name but im 12 and ive been a tomboy since i was about 5 and before that i was girly and wore dresses. When i started kindergarden i kind of dressed like a boy because i felt co fortable in it and i had short hair so that made me look even more like a girl. As i grew older i didnt make many friends because people would think i was weird for being a girl but dressing as a boy so i just let people think i was a boy to get them off my back. And when i did it was easy for me because i loved sports, and liked video games, and i was smart. My parents didnt accept me for who i am and neither did my siblings. I felt alone most of the the time and only made friends when people thought i was a boy and so that made it hard for me in middle school when i had to have an all girls pe class. I was looked at funny and even the teacher thought i was a boy. I lost most of my friends and had a rough time and i didnt want to go to the bathrooms at school because i knew all the other girls would talk about me when i left, and for the most part im afraid my old friends that thought i was a boy would see me. Now that im in seventh grade ive made a few friends that appreciate me for me and hope that eventually ill be like the all the other self confident tomboys

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