I don’t really know where to start so…here goes…
I’ve always been able to balance my girly and tomboy interests. I used to like dresses and dolls but I also played with my brother and his friends (sword fighting and wrestling) and liked it a lot better than playing with the girls my age. And any other girls that had boy interests just get girlier and girlier while i do the opposite. I sort of feel left behind. Also, while reading books/watching movies I identified more with the male characters and usually picked male role models. I took my social cues from my dad as opposed to my mom (I.e. holding doors open for others instead of waiting for a door to be held open for me). I guess you could say fashion and interest wise I was a girly girl and psychologically/emotionally I felt more like a boy.
But recently I’ve felt extremely dysphoric and I really just want to be a boy. I want to cut my hair and wear boy’s clothes and be recognized as a boy, but my dad is too traditional for that. He hates it when I shop in the boy’s department and try to act like a boy. Do you have any advice as far as what to do about that?
Also, this may be the dysphoria talking but I feel really guilty and stupid for all the girly things I did in the past. Should I?
I’m sorry this is so long and disjointed but I just really needed to get it all out. Thanks for listening.

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  1. This sounds exactly like what I’m going through right now even up to my dad being too overly traditional and having male role models (like its more, how I like to put it, I’m so jealous of how cute and attractive these boys are that I too want to be a boy and be as cute and attractive as them) . I guess for me the way I console myself is I think luckily I’m a girl who wants to be a boy because although I can only pull off looking like a 12 year old or younger I make a conviencing (forgive poor spelling pfffft) boy but then days I feel girly I can still be a girl. My other thought process is this (forgive me if you’re not one for harsh language) but I can feel, be, or wear whatever the hell I want, if today I want to be a girly girl and claim to be a girl then cool, if tomorrow I want to dress like a boy and claim I’m male who’s going to check down my pants to see if I’m telling the truth? (Sorry PFFFT this was really more harsh than expected //crais)

    As for how I slip around the embarrassment and disapproval of my dad or peers is I try to ease them into what I want. I mean only a few weeks ago my hair was to my waist and I suddenly got the nerve to cut it to just above my shoulders in a slightly boyish hairstyle, the trick here is I made sure to find a style that if I had to, could make girly. My dad was not very happy about my hair cut but I think it eases his mind that I stick bows in my hair though eventually my plan after he’s more use to it is to cut it shorter to finally achieve that exact boyish style I wanted. As for clothes I do the same, I managed to convience my dad that mens clothes are cheaper, better made, more functional (which they are), and ”cute”. So I shop in the guys section but pair an article of clothing with something girly but like my hair plan at some point I plan on being able to wear exactly what I want void of girly outfits if I feel like it that day.

    Sorry this is so long, I hope my rambling helps some?(´・ω・`)

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