I’m 17 and I’ve been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I used to play football and cricket when I was 6 but ever since I started looking more feminine, it seems boys are hesitant to play with girls. I never wore dresses and never bothered to look good with make up. I always hanged out with boys since I never really understood girls and their fashion senses.
When I moved schools, I did drama and I had to play different characters. One was a mayor – so one day I decided to dress the part. I wore a three piece suit to school and everyone asked why. Though I did say it was for drama, a part of me didn’t enjoy having to explain myself to people. I also felt as if I was giving an excuse to wear it – and I was. My role did not require me to dress like that, but when I grabbed my brother’s waistcoat and tie, and I looked in the mirror. I never felt more happy.

I always used to wear t-shirts and items that my mum would deem appropriate for my gender. But, ever since I dressed for my role – I wanted to dress everyday like that.
I used to glance and admire, but never dare to enter the men’s section since I cared what other people perceived of me. But now, with a pixie cut and a ‘not give a rats-ass’ attitude, I have more freedom and I enter as I please. However my parents are against me dressing like a boy. “You’re a girl, so you should act like one!”. It’s still hard to convince them that this is who I am but I don’t really allow their comments to get to me. (But sometimes it still irks me).

I’ve learnt that people are naturally going to judge you, but you shouldn’t allow it to get to you. You should dress as you please and do what makes you happy. Afterall, it is your life and they are not the one’s living it, so make the most of it. 🙂

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