Tully Jane

Hi I’m a tomboy and I’m in 7th grade now. My mom and my dad are separated. My mom loves who I am and doesn’t mind that I’m a tomboy. My dad, who I live with now, doesn’t like me wearing boy clothing. I just started school but there is a problem… I am so used to being called a boy that I am used to it and I don’t correct people when they say that I’m a boy. It’s been about 2 months in the school year and all but one of my classmates think I’m a boy. I like being a boy I think I feel more in control instead of being juged and stuff. I hate being juged and I’m scared of telling everyone that I’m really a girl. And remember this is middle school we are talking about. I have learned to keep my secret for now and not many suspect otherwise. I know I’m really stupid for starting this and not ending this I’m just scared. Anyone care to give me some edvice?

3 thoughts on “Tully Jane

  1. Hi dude,this might be some advice,okay so try to find another tomboy with the same problems and try to ignore people,trust me if dont you will regret it REALLY BADLY and i wish there was a site that can match tomboys with the same problems and call and text eacheach other and probly meet one day ,that would be cool,i guess this was not great advice but its some,be yourself

  2. We’ll sometime they will find out trust me. I’m tired of being judged too. Everyone asks me if I’m a guy or a girl. I think you should tell them at some point. 🙂

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