Greetings tomboys of the world! I am Shinku, a 14-year-old tomboy who is also a crossdresser. The story of my tomboy self started when I was born. The moment I arrived at this world, I was welcomed by two brothers that showed  the joy of video games, sports, wrestling, anime, manga, and many more. My father had a gaming shop when I was younger, so I often played any games I could get my hands on and he allowed me to play anyway. Since I got used to hanging out with my brothers, my way of acting is much like theirs and I like it that way rather than playing with creepy dolls that always smile. Besides my brothers, I mostly hangout with other guys and get along with them well, instead of hanging out with girls. Though currently right now, I am hanging out with 3 girls, but they understand me so I don’t mind. My parents would often force me into any girly clothing, and I would act happy for the sake of them being happy, but after so many years I snapped and finally told them that I can’t handle it anymore. Surprisingly, my parents accepted me for who I am and agreed that I can wear boys clothing. Then my whole crossdressing life started, and I no longer wear girls clothing (Victory!). Everyone around me accepts me for who I am, I never really got bullied or anything, it could be that people around me are just nice or I’m just a clueless and stupid person and I don’t notice their insults, either way I’m happy no one rejected or denied me. Since I cut my hair shorter (I had long hair), everyone says I look like a japanese guy or a random anime guy (Which to be honest, is one of the things I like about me) and I confuse a lot of people, because I go to the girls washroom, but at the same time I go to the boys washroom. I’m glad that there is a website like this, it makes me feel a lot happier knowing that I am not alone. Thank you for reading this… uh. I don’t know explanation? Personal story? Nevermind, you can call this whatever you want. Bai-Bai!

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